Crystal Guardian Oracle Card Set
And Candles

Crystal Guardian Oracle Cards


A Gift from The Crystal Guardians

These 33 crystal Crystal Guardians or overlightingAngel/Devas of the Mineral Kingdom and have finally been released to humanity.
They are here to show us the pathways of Love toInner Earth, Middle Earth and Central Earth out to the Solar system pathways, through the Intergalatic Highways of Light
They over-light 33 crystals which align to 33 portals for the New Earth and bring healing and heart activations to all who are in their presence.
They relate to the 33 chakras and all of Earth's kingdoms, including Animal, Plant ,Star systems and the Countries as each card is representing each kingdom and also connecting us back to our Divine source.
There's so much more to these beings as they come forward to teach,Love and Heal.
Great for the children of the light...of all ages.
Workshops are available as the teachings are profound. 

130 page Manual, set of cards and lunch provided with Work Shop, for $130.00

Kingdoms Of Love Oracle cards

Going deeper with Crystal Guardians into The Inner Earth,
Crystal cities as the Star gates are opening with these Key cards.
They offer codes on the back for the cards for mini grid displays as well as helping
your intuition with youtr readings as they cover all Kingdoms.

Archangel & ChakraCodes Of Light Cards

There are 7 Archangels of the Mighty Elohim

that have gifted us with these templates for you to use in so many ways.

Also there are the 7 Chakra Codes of the Rainbow Spectrum,

Channelled from The Emissaries of Light.

St.Germain Violet Flame Purifying Candle

Made from pure Lavender oil, these soya wax candles are engraved with St. Germain's Maltese cross for protecting one as they go through a transitioning time in their lives, they are highly beneficial used before or after a healing session or a reading etc. or just if one is feeling unwell or unhappy.

Great to clear all neg. energies within an aura or a room.

These candles come in 2 sizes, a large 70 hr burning candle @ $20.00
and a small 35hr candle. @ $10.00
They make wonderful gifts for all.

Arch Angel Raphael's  Healing candle

Made from Sandlewood, these beautifully scented candles assist with all types of healing. Great for children or if anyone has undergone surgery or a serious illness.They are carved with the presence of Archangel Raphael and his cadecaus for enlightment and evolvement through the Healing stages with whatever one is going through in their lives.

These candles come in 2 sizes, a large 70 hr burning candle @ $20.00
and a small 35hr candle. @ $10.00
They make wonderful gifts for all.


Also there are the lovely Christening & Blessings candles. @ $10.00

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