Archangel Crystal Necklaces

Each of the Archangels work for you according to which day of the week you were born on.

Archangel Jophiel - Sunday - Gold & Purple

For prosperity, abundance and self-confidence. For following Divine Will, or what your Higher self really wants to do. Youre on a Divine purpose and contain all the ingredients for that.  Jophiel helps you to achieve goals and brings the funds to make it possible.  If you where born on a Sunday, you will feel like your on a mission and likely are !

$75.00 plus $10.00 for postage and handling

Archangel Chamuel - Monday - Pink

For Love, romance and working with relationships.   Within your own relationships or advising and councilling others with their relationships. Chamuel brings love into your life by healing heart-strings or cords so that love and compassion can magnetically be attractedto you.  If you where born on a Monday, then you are here to learn about romantic relationships so that you are able to help others with theirs. You are a Heart Healer.

$75.00 plus $10.00 for postage and handling

Archangel Michael - Tuesday - Blue

For protection and to guard one; clearing away negative influences, also for leadership,
as Arch angel Michael comes with a band of Mercy, an Army of Light to handle & conquer any battle!   If you where born on a Tuesday, then you're here to lead the people to the Light.

$75.00 plus $10.00 for postage and handling

Archangel Raphael - Wednesday - Green

For Healing and Health advice, and working on ones own healing.  Raphael holds a healing staff representing the DNA strands ascending to the phoenix. If you where born on a Wednesday, then you're an Earth Healer and  its one of your gifts to heal yourself, others, then the Earth.

$75.00 plus $10.00 for postage & handling

Archangel Uriel - Thursday - Purple

For stability and keeping things in order, such as the structures of things. within the home or within business & work situations.Things like filing or bookkeeping,  building, designing and planning, Uriel assists with.  If you where born on a Thursday, then this is the type of work-field you should be in.

$75.00 plus $10.00 for postage and handling

Archangel Gabriel - Friday - White

For communication and clarity; for bringing clear messages to others including intuitive readings.  Gabriel is the messenger who brought the message through to Mother Mary of Jesus;  He brought the message to Noah of the flood and to Joan of Arc etc.  He's the carrier of Souls across the threshold.  If you where born on a Friday, then you are a good communicator & this is one of your gifts.

$75.00 plus $10.00 for postage & handling

Archangel Zadkiel - Saturday - Purple & White

For purification, working with the purple flame, the violet flame.and for working with the ascension process.Zadkiel helps people to move into the new, and for letting go of the old ways that no longer are needed. Great for group work.If you where born on a Saturday, then you are here to assist with the new age shifts.

$75.00 plus $10 .00 for postage and handling

Atlantis Jewellery

These crystals are made with copper wire for conducting energies, they come in various stones with swirls and sacred geometrical shapes that hold other stones made for particular purposes.

$45.00 plus $10.00 for postage and handling

Higher Self Jewellery

This jewellery is designed especially for your spiritual being and empowerment. They are made to order according to your vibration to help you remain in your centre and focus on your path.

$120.00 plus $10.00 for postage and handling

Rainbow Crystal Jewellery

The Rainbow Jewellery comes in the 7 rainbow colours of course, to align your rainbow pillar, which is your chakra system. This will bring a feeling of Happiness and joy to the wearer

$120.00 plus $10.00 for postage and handling

It also is the gallery of Divine Design Jewellery and Inspirational Art, which is where exclusive and individual soul pieces are created for you.

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