Crystal Guardian Workshop

Working with the Crystal Guardians and journeying into the heart of GAIA .
This workshop comes with a compact manual with maps included, grids, graphs etc. to show you the roles, aspects and the nature of the crystal kingdom. They are here now to work with the new Earth, new grids and the new star being. You are becoming a galactic star child. The Guardians help you to ground and embody this essence of you.
Large manual. set of Oracle cards and lunch included.

Kingdoms Of Love Workshop

In this workshop we go deeper with the Crystal Guardian into The Inner Earth , Middle Earth Realms, we visit the Crystal Cities as the Star Gates are opening with these Key cards. Mini grids displays and well as furthering your intuition with readings.

Cosmology & Soul Discovery Workshop

On this day we remember the journey of the soul, and see our uniqueness in the bigger picture within"The Divine Plan" from the beginning
When we discover our origin,we learn about our dimensional selves, soul families and star families, which are in our higher feilds. 
We see Earth in it's Galactic cycle and see the fascination of the cosmos which leads you to find out what is your part in this glorious story of creation. We discover how we can ground GOD into the physicality and see where we are heading as individuals and as a collective race of humanity through our connectedness.
There's is so much more to the wonderful you to explore.
Manual, Certificate, CD and lunch included.

Golden Solar Angel Workshop

This is a workshop where you will visit the Galactic Temples, the ones that you are aligned with in the Higher dimensions, to open your multi diamond heart,
expand your soul as you fly like a Phoenix to the Sun.

Reiki 1 & 2

Reiki 1 & 2 is each over a weekend.
This is a credited course carried on through the line of Dr. Usui

Shamballa Reiki 1024

Shamballa Reiki 1024 is a modality where you connect with the Masters and Brotherhood of Light They will bring in for you the 5th Dimensional Codes of Golden Light to upgrade your DNA.
This is a new energy that the planet is now ready for as we all have come a long way since Reiki began.

Crystal Light Workshop, Level One

In the Crystal Light Workshop, we discover how crystals can awaken you to your divine magnificence.  We have a crystal star inside our hearts.  Find out your special individual gem.  We also discover more on crystal knowledge: How to clean, charge and program crystals for higher benefits How and where they grow, a basic mineralogy. The power and energy they hold and what they can be used for Crystal lay-outs, for grids, sacred spaces, alters. Healings and especially for your homes, gardens and work centers Bring along any of your favorite crystals that wish to come for the day. Manual, double CD, certificate and lunch is provided.


Archangel Oils Workshop

In this beautiful workshop you'll be introduced to the Seven Mighty Elohim that govern our solar system, from centralizing around our Sun. Their Rays are absorbed by us as we absorb the appropriate ones for our soul and being. The Seven beautiful sanctified oils come in the Rays , scents and frequencies of the Archangels vibration and bring affirmations in Light language , codes and a healing with each Ray. You are each born in the true essence with one particular Ray of Light, it is here you find out your personal Archangel.
Manual, codes set, an oil and lunch included.


Workshops are $130.00

All workshops include small manual, a healthy vegetarian lunch and a certificate.

All workshops can be done on line, you can study in your home at your own leisure. 
This includes aManual, CD or cards with 3 sessions in corresponding calls or e-mails. Teacher/Student assistance. $80.00

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